Welcome to my website!

Languages: my passion since forever

I was born in Germany and I have been speaking both German and Italian since I was a child. My passion for languages was bound to grow thanks to my frequent travels between Italy and Germany. German, French and English were the languages I learned during my studies up to university. I also studied Spanish and Russian in some university courses, and in 2007 I graduated with a degree in Language Mediation Studies, specialising in German and English. This is how I started the journey towards something that is constantly evolving, namely language learning, a journey that will never end and will always need constant updating. In 2018 I completed an advanced training course in technical-scientific translation to translate more technical terminology and expressions, and also to put myself at the service of companies specialising in certain fields.

Are you looking for a professional linguistic service? Then go to the Contact section and fill out the form or write an email to elycecna@gmail.com. I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible and send you a quote or information meeting your requirements! On the homepage menu you will also find the Curriculum vitae section for more in-depth information about the working areas in which I have already provided language courses, translations and liaison interpreting.